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IL plowman - (11/6/2013 8:35:27 PM)
RE:Massey plows (ploughs)
That's a very poetic description of your days ploughing!  Watching the earth turn over at the direction of the moldboards is truly mesmerizing - as hypnotizing as watching the wake from a motorboat.

As for ploughing with the GP, it works quite well.  Mine is a 60 inch width, so it lines up quite well with a small plow.  No doubt that a landside or hillside lever would be helpful, as I would like to be able to change the drawbar more easily during and after the first round.  Has anyone seen one on a GP?  I've heard that there is one that mounts on the hitch of the plow?
Powerwise, the Hercules OHC engine is up to the task, now that it's putting out its full 22 hp.  The M-H 26 plow frame is assembled for 10.5 inch width.  There have been several times over the years where the "balanced power" of 4wd has been a definite advantage over lesser machines, such as when the summer has been dry, but we get a heavy rain the day or two before the match, resulting in hard ground under a layer of mud.  The opening round is a chore, as my steering box is currently quite loose, allowing the lugs to pitch and fight back through the linkage with about a quarter turn of free play.  After the first round, I can run in the furrow, and the old girl settles right in and runs straight and true.

I'm attaching a .pdf file of the official rules and scorecard that we use, in case someone is curious about how the judging and scoring system works.  The score values and rules are exactly the same as first used in 1895, with the exception of the details of what assistance cannot  be given after the first round is completed.

Feel free to use these rules as a starting point if you want to start your own local match.  They've worked pretty well for us, and have kept the match successful and friendly to the point of having to choose entries by earliest postmarks nearly every year.