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Tseaberg - (11/10/2013 8:10:17 PM)
Massey Harris 333-444-555
This weekend I had to dig our 444 standard out of the shed to get washed up and ready for an engine rebuild this winter. A friend ouf mine is going to go over this 444 for us since it has an engine knock from what I hear. This tractor has sat in th shed as long as I can remember probably 15 years or more. My grandpa bought this one off a cattle farm in Mayville ND for $700 many years ago. It seems to be a nice original but was just covered in dried hydralic fluid and dirt from years of service with a loader. I spent a couple hours steam cleaning it yesterday and it is looking pretty good.

Also if anybody out there has a nice original paint grille or battery box I would be very interested in buying or trading to get those pieces for this tractor.

I have a soft spot for the triple series tractor so I would like to see and hear about everybody else's triple tractors.