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Tseaberg - (11/12/2013 7:45:52 PM)
RE:Massey Harris 333-444-555
There is some nice tractors in all of your collections! I wish some of our triples looked as good as others but they will be there at some point. Here is a picture of our 333 standard. It is a nice tractor that seems to be a little tougher to find as a standard.
here is a list of the ones we have since we are talking about triples
333 GR WF #20128
333 GR NF  #20364
333 GS        #20711
333 LP WF  #22101
444GS         #70883
444 DR WF #71387P
555 GS        #21310

The 333 LP we have even though it is mostly parts was bought new in my familys home town by the father of one of my grandpas employees along with another 333 and 444 diesel. We now have the four row cultivator they used on one of the 333's.
The 444 diesel we have was bought used by my grandma's brother and farmed with it and a 55 diesel just north of my Grandpas farm.