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MasseyH - (11/30/2013 9:15:17 PM)
RE:MH 200 Series Registry
Hi John,

I understand your comments and appreciate them.  I know it is a never ending project since they change hands, move around and some folks just don't want it known what might be in the barn!

I guess the best we can do is at least get the serial numbers and any additional information people want to share.  In just the handful we have, I am surprised how many sequential numbers of two or three there are.  Some could be surprised they are in the same state or area!!

Another registry that would be fun could be the miltary tractors. Definitely not as many of them and we know where most of the I-162s and I-330s are!!  The I-244s would be a bigger challenge but they are out there!

If any of you have a 200 Massey Harris just let us know.  We can protect your privacy if that is the only thing stopping you from participating!!