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MasseyH - (12/31/2013 8:54:03 AM)
RE:Pay Pal??
Happy New Year John!!  

You can not imagine how timely your email about PayPal is!!  I had spent about an hour on the phone last night with Brenden finalizing things. In fact, I woke up this morning thinking of YOU!!  (of course that is scary in itself!!) 

We are VERY close to launching PayPal!!  In fact, later today I will probably be sending Buck a test page for membership.  With that thought, I woke up thinking I might send you a test page as well. 

We want to make sure everything is working properly (you get notification from PayPal, we get notification from PayPal, money gets where it needs to be, etc) before we open it for general use.  I think I have about 6 years of membership just testing with my credit card so I am willing to share the wealth!!

We are currently just figuring out exactly what information we need and how we can make renewals and new memberships more seamless.  All that is internal and does not effect the end users.

Brenden is working as we speak (type) on placing the PayPal buttons where we think we want them.  I am writing instructions to post on the web site as to the process.

The capability is finished, now it is making it usable to our members.

Thanks for asking John.  If you want, I will send you a test version later in the day so we can take some of the Queen's money from you!!  LOL!!!