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MasseyH - (12/31/2013 9:31:53 AM)
RE:Pay Pal??
To everyone else - 

Because we are dealing with YOUR money and the money of MCA we want to make sure we get this correct the first time.  Our plan is to launch PayPal capabilities in three phases:

#1  - launch PayPal to all those who are MCA non-chapter members first.  This allows us to work with a smaller test group and the transfer is a very simple process.  Non-chapter members include several individuals who live outside the US borders.  When they send a $35.00 check for membership, it costs MCA $15.00 to cash the check!!!!  (Most make an effort to find an international money order or US dollars to send in the mail - probably not the best solution!!) This process will eliminate all of that, plus it will be instant instead of depending on the USPS.  Of course, anyone can use it, but it is a win/win for our non-US members and for MCA.

#2 - Once we are comfortable with the non-chapter memberships we will offer it to Chapter members,  There are some hoops we need to jump through to make that part of the system work for us.  With two different receivers and the need to share demographic information with the chapter Membership Chairs makes it a bit more challenging.  We will probably have to adjust how we process these memberships in a slightly different way. Hopefully, this will launch at the Spring Meeting in March.

#3 - Once that is completed, we plan create a "store front" so you can purchase MCA items from the web site.  Probably the first items will be the DVDs and patches we currently have in inventory.  Other things might include hats, shirts, or other things you as a member would like to have.  This "store" will eliminate packing up all the inventory and manning a booth at shows (something we do not do a good job of now) and it will be better managed.

Things are moving, even if it is a bit slow.  Unfortunately, since we are all volunteers doing this, we get to it as we can!! Thanks for understanding.

Hopefully this will help some of you better understand where we are headed with PayPal.  We still want your input as to how we can make it easier for you to be a member and to mantain your membership.

As things progress you will be the first to know!!

Thanks for using the web site and please tell others!!