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MasseyH - (1/2/2014 9:16:23 AM)
RE:Pay Pal??
I am pleased to say we had our first new member of MCA for 2014 on January 1!!  And it was done by PayPal and it was outside the US!! 

 We have discovered a couple issues with that first transaction we will be working on but the bottom line is - it WORKS!!!

Now to make it pretty and easy for the rest of us!!

Definitely, a smaller world.  I would never thought 10 years ago we would be "talking" daily from people around the world.  All the more reason to get on the plane and travel.  Not so much for the Massy stuff anymore, but for the people we have met!!

"Old Masseys collect the nicest people!!"  I am sure Don Snyder had no idea his statement would be reflected worldwide!!