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Tseaberg - (2/13/2014 7:24:05 PM)
Wallis and Massey Harris parts book list
Graham and I were talking about Wallis parts books on the phone tonight mostly about the Cub Jr but that got use thinking about starting to start a good documented list of the Wallis parts and service manuals. I have several but definitely not all. Joe and Malcolm might have to help me out with the Cub stuff and a few of the supplements I am missing. 

First I guess would be the oldest ones I have on the Cub JR. From what I know the Cub JR started out with #21 parts list, (I don't have one to post a picture of). I do have a #23 Cub JR and K-3 parts list along with the instruction manual for the Model J and K.

My Cub JR book is from a Dealer just one hour north of here, and Joe has one from a Dealer in Fargo that I drive by the old building every day. I will snap a picture soon.