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Posted: 12/12/2012 11:42:07 PM

George Smyth Auction

Here is the sale bill for Georges Auction.  Looks to be good!!  I understand pics will be available soon!!



Of Massey Harris, Massey Ferguson and
Ferguson Tractors, Implements & Equipment
To be held for
Lucknow line (County Rd 1) 95 Southampton St.
in the Village of Dungannon, Ontario
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14, "2013" at 9:30 A.M.
MASSEY HARRIS TRACTORS: GP 4 wheel drive-1930; Pacemaker-Green-1937; Pacemaker-Red-1938.
(1940-1950): 20 Standard; 82 Row Crop; 101 Jr. Row Crop; 102 Jr. Standard on steel; 101 Super; 201 Super Twin Power; 81 Standard with sprayer. (1950-1960): Pony with 1941 Hwy. mower; 22 Standard with high wheels; 30 Standard; 446; 444 Standard; Pony Standard; Pacer; Colt; Mustang; 50; 333; 444; 555.
MASSEY HARRIS LOADERS: 303 with Davis Loader & Backhoe; Pit Bull with Davis Loader;
MH MOWERS: #14-3 1/2’ one-horse mower; #34-7' tractor mower; #33-6' horse mower; #37-5' horse mower;
#6-7' Semi-mount tractor mower. MH DISCS, HARROWS: 3 section spring tooth harrow-3 point hitch; 8' double disc 3 point hitch; 9 blade one-way disc; 6 blade one-way disc; 28 plate double disc; 44 plate double disc; 2 section spring tooth harrow; 4 sections of harrows. MH WALKING PLOWS: Kanuk hillside walking plow; #8 National gang plow-l furrow; # 1 Quebec Sulky plow; #20 Steel brush breaker plow; 2-#51 walking plow; 2#21 walking plow; 7b & #7 walking plow; MH TRAIL PLOWS: 3 furrow tractor plow #26; #26-2 furrow trail plow; #26-2 furrow match plow with 23A bottom; #28-3 furrow trail plow on rubber; #28- 4 furrow on rubber/hydraulic lift; #802-2 furrow mounted plow; 2 furrow trail plow 10"; 6b-2 furrow trail plow; 41 4 trail plow on rubber/hydraulic lift. MH PLOWS & DISC PLOWS: #23-2 furrow 10" bottom tractor plow; 2 furrow 12" tractor plow; #26-3 furrow tractor plow; 4 blade disc plow; 2 blade disc plow; 1 blade disc plow; MH 3 PTH PLOWS: #37-2 furrow 14" plow; #37-3 furrow 12" plow; #37 -4 furrow 12" plow; Model 72-4 furrow 10" plow. MH THRESHING EQUIPMENT: 8' binder; 7' binder; George White threshing machine; 7' Clipper Self Propel combine; 7'Clipper Pull Type combine; #60 Self Propel com~ine'; #21A combine; #1 Baler with motor; Forage Clipper Forage Harvester P.T.O.; 2 row self propel corn picker; Forage blower;
Corn binder. MH PONY EQUIPMENT: #40 mounted hay mower; #40 field cultivator; #40 1 furrow plow;
#40 scuffler; #40 disc; #40 blade; #10 farm loader. MH IMPLEMENTS: Orchard sprayer; #11 ground drive field sprayer; 3 drum Varity land roller; Double drum land packer; Cutting box; #4 seed drill 11 run Hoe drill with cultivator; #20A seed drill-tractor driven; #26-15 run seed drill on rubber; Bob sleigh with rack; #4 pump jack with pump-Model S Clark Engine; # 10 hand sprayer; horse drawn dump rake; 16 run Shoe drill-3 horse;
#10 Horsedrawn manure spreader; 6' horse cultivator; #2 straw cutter; #9 straw cutter; stock chopper; 2A scuffler; #18 springtooth scuffIer; #1 potato digger; #3a Buzz saw-cordwood & pulpwood; #1 buzz saw; 5' grass seed sower; 1 row potato planter; # 11 grain grinder; #7 grain grinder; # 1 grain grinder; # 15 tractor drawn manure spreader; Easy Flow Lime Spreader. BICYCLES: MH wooden wheel bicycle-1896; MH wooden wheel on rear, steel wheel on front; MH Sunshine tricycle.
100 YEAR OLD EQUIPMENT: horse drawn dump rake; horse drawn bean puller/scuffIer combination; #28 plate double disc; #20-2 horse hoe-1917; #3 hay tedder-1897; Cummings straw cutter; Verity turnip planter-2 row with shalves; turnip planter-2 row-l horse with shalves; #1 turnip pulper; #1 & #2 turnip pulper-original; #1 hay loader; manure spreader; #2 reaper 1910; Columbus steel drag scoop.
MASSEY-FERGUSON TRACTORS: 25 diesel-French tractor; 130 diesel-French Vineyard tractor.
MF LAWN MOWERS: 7 electric start with deck; 8 no deck; 8 hydro speed with deck; 10 variable speed with deck; 10 with deck; 10 with front blade; 14 with snow blower, new houser, chains, weights; 16 hydro with side mount sickle mower; 16 with deck, new cab; 24 with deck; 24S with deck; 26 no deck; Executive with deck;
5 with deck-rear engine; 832 rear engine. MF CHAIN SAWS: Weather King 3hp chain saw; MF chain saw 190a; MF chain saw 61 cc. MF MISC: 4hp rotor tiller; 5hp rotor tiller; 500 sst ski whiz; 400 sst ski whiz.
FERGUSON PLOWS, ETC: 5 furrow 12" 3pth; side. rake 3pth; 2085 with Davis Ind. Motor shuttle trans.;
2 row corn planter 3pth; 3pth buzz saw; 3pth carry all; manure spreader; 1 set steel wheels;
GAS ENGINES: 2 horse Cushman hit 'n miss gas engine; 3 horse Cushman hit 'n miss gas engine; 2-Model S Clark engines; SPECIALTY ITEMS: Massey-Harris Ferguson farm equipment sign; 82 MH bulldozer; 1100 scale model row crop 3pto hydraulic; #86-4 furrow semi mount plow; scale model field sprayer; Cushman-3 wheel with dump; Chuck wagon on rubber; motorized picnic table.
Plan to attend this UNRESERVED auction. George has been a Massey Collector for over 35 years.
One of Ontario's top Massey Collections. A sale not to miss.
For more information call George & Barb Smyth at 519-529-7781 or email:
TERMS: Cash or acceptable cheque with proper I.D. Proprietors & auctioneers not responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of purchases.
Verbal announcements take precedence over advertising.

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Posted: 12/13/2012 12:56:44 AM

RE:George Smyth Auction

Thanks for posting this Gary, looks like there will be plenty of items to bid on. Look forward to the pictures. Maybe some of the stuff will be Minnesota bound after the sale!

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Posted: 12/14/2012 7:08:07 PM

RE:George Smyth Auction

Hi Tom!!

What doesn't come to Indiana will be welcomed in MN!! 

There is a precursor to everything!!  Since the auction is on Wednesday before the National Massey Exposition of North America it is anticipated that all his items show up at the show!!  George could have his largest inddividual exhibit ever at a show.  (He would be the owner - two days removed!!) Will that work??

Looks to be an excellent opportunity to expand one's collection, that for sure!!


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