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Posted: 12/9/2013 1:26:53 PM

Correct Colors for Massey Harris 21A Combine

Last week I was forewarded an email from a board member of Farmamerica or The Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center located east of Mankato, MN. They are looking to restore a MH 21A combine that has been donated to them and were inquiring if if the correct colors for the combine were the same as for a Massey Harris tractor. I replied I was 99% sure the reds were the same. I'm not as certain about the yellow wheels becuase I've heard implement wheels were a different yellow than tractors. 

So before I wade in any deeper I'll turn it over to the MH paint and combine gurus out there in cyberland. What are the correct colors for their combine? I've told them to watch this site for your answers!



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