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Posted: 4/21/2014 3:44:13 PM

MF 130 Vineyard questions

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I need some help from the brain trust.  I received a nice note from a fellow in Tennessee asking me some questions about his MF 130 Vineyard that I cannot answer.

Here is what he tells me he has:

- Model: MF 130 Vineyard
- Year: 1966
- Serial Number:  43892B
- Engine Serial Number: 37112400
- Engine Specs:  Perkins Diesel 107.4 cubic inch, 4 cylinder, wet sleeve, Cylinder bore 3.125 inches, Stroke 3.5 inches, Compression Ratio 22.5:1
- Horse Power:  27.8
- Weight:  3,000 lbs
- Wheel Base: Vineyard 66 inches (Standard 72 inches)
- Overall Length:  Vineyard 107 inches (Standard 114)
- Overall Width:  Vineyard 35 inches (Standard 63 inches)

He further stated that his tractor is un-restored and pretty much original and runs great.
- No pictures - at least not yet.

And here are the questions he has asked:

1.  Is it rare?
2.  How many did they make in 1966?
3.  How many were shipped to the US in 1966?
4.  Some idea what it might be worth?

Any knowledge or thoughts you have, or name of somebody I should direct him to for knowledgeable conversation about this tractor, I would appreciate it.


John B.

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Posted: 4/21/2014 4:43:04 PM

RE:MF 130 Vineyard questions

Here are some photos he just sent.

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Posted: 4/24/2014 1:57:43 AM

RE:MF 130 Vineyard questions

Here is a 130 Vineyard model currently available:

The gentleman listing this tractor is knowledgeable about the MF 130 Vineyard. I have his email if you want to contact him directly.

This one listed in this link has the wheels pulled in as narrow as they go.

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Posted: 4/24/2014 7:23:10 PM

RE:MF 130 Vineyard questions


Thanks for the reply.  That same tractor from the Madison Craigs List ad is also listed on YesterdaysTractor in the photo ads section.  A much nicer one sold at an auction in Canada last August for $2,700.  I suspect this guy is going to find out that $4,300 is a bit high.  But, you just never know...



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