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Posted: 9/10/2018 3:51:38 AM

Malpas Yesteryear

This weekend we had chance to call in on the Malpas Yesteryear show in Cheshire.  It is an older well established 2 day show which has increased in size over the years to become a good family attraction.  One of the sections there is the tractors which most would call "vintage" but I would not.  They are mostly post war classics, a few war time ones and as far as I could count only 4 pre war tractors.  Anyway Massey-Harris contrubuted to the "war timers" with a 101 Junior and a 203.  Both nice examples of their types but the otherwise very straight 203 had a wrong drawbar arrangement.  Of interest to you across the pond was a French built MF 158 Mk 2.  A few of these have crept over here in recent years.

One particular piece of the show that I always enjoy is a steel band mounted on a big truck.  The band is played by teenage girls and can they rattle out the great sounds!


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Posted: 9/10/2018 4:56:04 AM

RE:Malpas Yesteryear

Good to see the M-H flag continues to fly at shows in these current times of collectors and visiting public showing more interest in what I call "semi modern or classic" tractors,

As one old guy mentioned to me this year at Carrington Rally, "These here semi modern tractors on show are STILL working tractors"  and I have to agree with that statement.

Pleased you enjoyed the steel band, hope you found some good refreshments too.



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