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Historical Monumental Milestone

Massey Harvesters Book By John Farnworth

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Paint Codes

Below are known paint codes submitted by our members.  This is provided as an informational purpose only.  If you'd like to submit a paint code not listed below, please fill out this form.

Ferguson Green

Ferguson 35 - Metallic Green 14883 Dupont

Ferguson Grey

Ferguson Grey 99L-3740 NAPA ( Martin Senour-Acrylic Enamel )

Massey Ferugson Colors

MF Red 99L-3823 NAPA ( Martin Senour-Acrylic Enamel )
MF Flint Grey 99L-3746 NAPA ( Martin Senour-Acrylic Enamel )

Massey Harris Bronze

MH 333 & 444 Bronze 99L-5420 NAPA ( Martin Senour-Acrylic Enamel )
MH Triple Series Bronze 99L-23062-0 (Martin Senour - Acrylic Enamel)
fine grind metallic NAPA ( Martin Senour-Acrylic Enamel )
MH 333 & 444 Bronze-Centari Enamel (69 GM Saddle Metallic) 5054A Dupont

Massey Harris Greens

MH 25 & PA Green 99L-11513 NAPA ( Martin Senour-Acrylic Enamel )
Challenger & 125 Green 94 - 11513 NAPA (Martin Senour)
Challenger Green 27270 Dupont

Massey Harris Reds

MH Red JK 4036 - R Sherwin Williams Paint
MH Red 90G - 3743 NAPA (Martin Senour-Synthol Enamel)
  Notes: Not available at most local Napa Stores
MH Red 674 UM DuPont Imron Paint
  Notes: Most Current Napa Replacement Code: 53C 3743
MH Red-Centari Enamel 674DH or 018 Dupont
MH Red-Dulux Enamel 4294AH Dupont
MH Red PPG70837

Massey Harris Straw Yellows

MH Straw Yellow 90T - 4341 NAPA ( Martin Senour-Synthol Enamel )
MH Straw Yellow 99L - 4341 NAPA (Martin Senour-Acrylic Enamel )
MH Straw Yellow JK 4649 Sherwin Williams Paint
MH Straw Yellow PPG3274
MH Yellow DQE 80533 Ditzler


Red SW 4036 / Western 31879 Sherwin Williams/Western
Red SW 6748 / Western 31875 Sherwin Williams/Western
Red SW 31960 / Western 31865 Sherwin Williams/Western
'56-'71 Red SW 7191 / Western 31881 Sherwin Williams/Western
MH & MF Yellow-Dulux Enamel 29440 Dupont

Wallis Colors

Wallis Red 56B 540 Martin Senour